LFW is it . . . . ?

issue1 The Coveted


Does LFW stand for London Fashion Week or maybe Looking Forward to Winter? I’ve spent the past few months waiting for the ‘barbeque Summer’ we were promised and watching ever widening North / South divide in temperature.

Edinburgh is beautiful but when it’s hot, sunny and 30 degrees in London but grey, damp and not even 20 degrees in Edinburgh I look forward to Winter when you know what to expect i.e. COLD and you can wrap up & knit!

 Anway back on the subject of fashion there’s a new magazine called The Coveted which will be promoting & supporting new and emerging stars in the Scottish fashion industry. Issue 1 is due for launch Ocotber 1st

Just thought I’d share . . . .

this knitting blog Mad about Yarn written by lovely Heike G.   Otherwise known as Knitsister Heike works as a design consultant for Rowan Yarns which is where our paths first crossed and also teaches workshops here in the UK and abroad. Read about her recent jolly to last weekend’s Ravelry Weekender in Germany with all time Knitting Diva Sharon Brant by clicking here

The Knitter Issue 10

gladstone bag J Sloan

As a bit of a control freak I normally plan every stage of a design so I know – or think I know – exactly how it will turn out.

Well this design wasn’t like that and has turned out far better than I could have hoped. I LOVE IT! Published in The Knitter magazine, issue 10 which is now available it’s knitted in Jamieson & Smith’s 2ply Jumper weight which is fantastic for felting and then embroidered and embellished with buttons.

Oh yes there are beads knitted into it too for a touch of bling.You can take the girl out of Essex . . . . .

Getting jiggy on Etsy



I’ve been getting busy re jigging the Kitglobal shop on Etsy as, to be honest, it was a bit of a mess. Hopefully now it’s simpler to navigate with all the colours available listed in each kit listing AND a new shop banner.

I created an Etsy shop so that anyone wanting to spend in $ Dollars rather than £ Sterling would find it easy to do so. If you’ve not heard of it before – where’ve you been? They really champion individual designer makers and their broad range of wonderful hand made items. I almost mentioned Christmas again – now I have –  that’s two posts in a row, but it’s worth giving Etsy a look if you’re looking for gifts that you won’t find on the high street.

Kitglobal kit for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Marie Curie knit kit

Through Kitglobal I’m really really pleased to have been able to create a knitting  kit exclusively for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Available online from www.mariecurie.org.uk the lacy neckwarmer kit uses our signature Baby Alpaca and you get everything you need to complete the project including a particularly funky Marie Curie canvas bag to put the lot in. Having twice been affected by cancer myself I know how devastating the disease can be but every kit sold helps to raise money that will enable them to continue their brilliant work.

I know it’s only September but if you’re one of those people that’s already begun Christmas shopping AND you want a nice warm ‘feel good’ glow when you spend your hard earned cash then this makes a fab gift even if I say so myself!

New knitonthenet


The latest issue of Knitonthenet is up!

 Run by the lovely Susan Crawford and hubby Gavin it’s a beautifully designed and produced online magazine. Issue 9 which is currently available free of charge, features over 12 designs plus news, events and a Kitglobal product review in the Features section.

From next issue ( no. 10 ) the mag will be available by subscription only as rising costs are forcing them to charge in order to cover costs – I don’t know how they’ve managed so far, it’s a heck of a lot of work but worth it.

Eleven weeks and counting . . .

The year seems to be flying by and all the hard work of trying to promote Kitglobal seems to be paying off but there’s still loads to do not least a new collection to design, knit up, pattern check and photograph for our first show at Country Living Fair Scotland in November. Oh Lordy! No pressure then. I’m currently working on another design for The Knitter which is due for publication later this season and I’d planned to post a taste of a couple of previously published designs here but I really need to go and knit . . .

(The ‘Capers’ category is a little tribute to my friend Werdy Jare – she’ll know what I mean)