The Lovecrafts Podcast: Series 2, Ep 2

Spring is finally here! Ok we’re still in lockdown here in the UK but the cherry blossom is starting to bloom and I’m quietly hopeful that lighter, longer days and the prospect of being able to meet friends – albeit at a suitably social distance – will help to cheer us all up a bit. God knows we need it.

I’ve spent this morning pottering in my garden; tidying (our olive tree sheds its leaves pretty much everywhere), planning where I’ll put the plants I bought at the weekend and planting bulbs that will eventually be transplanted to a more permanent home on Mum’s grave. In fact I spent so much time in the garden I’m feeling a bit achey so this afternoon after a long relaxing bath – well it is self care Wednesday after all – I’ll be settling down with a coffee to listen to the latest episode of the Lovecrafts Podcast.

Recorded a couple of weeks ago over Zoom I spent the morning chatting with Merion and Jamie aka Mr X Stitch talking about, well pretty much everything. From how I got into crafting, to my career as a designer, how crafting helped me recover from illness, BIPOC in Fiber, even Duran Duran lyrics. Yes you heard right, and if you want to know more you’ll just have to listen through to the end of the episode. Let’s just say Jamie puts me under some intense pressure to identify some Duran Duran song lyrics. I’ll let you find out how I got on but let’s just say he’ll have to try harder next time.

Thank you Merion and Jamie for having me, it was so much fun and went by so fast, we could have talked all day. Perhaps we’ll have to do it again sometime.

You’ll find the link to Series 2 Episode 2 of the Lovecrafts Podcast here.

I’m off to soak my bones

J x