Thanks to Molly Plummer The Mimo Yarn Co for these handmade dryer balls, I look forward to trying them out.

Looking at them I realised how accurately they sum up my feelings towards this festive season.
Because two weeks today I will be experiencing my first Christmas without Sam. The first in 22 years.

Thankfully I won’t be alone (Omicron permitting) but of course it won’t be the same without him, how could it be?

So why post a picture of balls on my feed? Because that’s how I feel about Christmas cards this year. Each one is a reminder that as a recently widowed woman, I am without my life partner.

So please, no Christmas cards.

If you want me to know your thinking of me, ring.

If I have the emotional energy I’ll answer.

If I don’t, leave a voicemail.

Give the money you would have spent on a card and postage to a charity – at Sam’s funeral we asked people to donate to Men Walk Talk instead of sending flowers. They need the money more than I need a card.

#dealingwithbereavement #dealingwithgrief