New designs and the packing begins

I’m taking a few minutes out from packing boxes to do a quick post about my 2 newest designs. Having spent the last 13 years in Scotland it’s a little surreal to be packing up everything for a return south of the Border but that time has come at last. It’s been said many times that moving house is one of THE most stressful things you can do and at my last count I’ve moved 8 times in the past 13 years. So either I cope very well with stress or I’ve been watching too many episodes of Relocation, Relocation. So now to my 2 designs…

The first is the Lozenge Lace Collar knitted in my Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply. I didn’t feel this was deep enough to be a snood and a cowl sounds so Wintry so I opted to call this a collar instead. It’s worked in the round on a large circular needle and combines a lacy rib structure with bobbles and lozenge shaped mock cabling from where I took the name. For the cast on and cast on edges the yarn is used doubled on a slighty larger needle which creates a slightly more substantial fabric with more body than the main section worked in lace.

I’ve knitted the sample in sh V414 Lippy but you could choose from any of the 4 other colours in the range to add a real ‘pop’ of colour to an outfit whether it’s Winter or Summer.

The second design is the Uppandoon Cable Scarf knitted in my Baby Alpaca DK. I LOVE this design not just because it’s so gorgeously soft and cosy to wear but also because I really enjoyed the swatching process behind the cable stitch. I wanted a cable that would work both up and down (hence the name) the finished scarf and the resulting combination of cables, yarn overs and slipped stitches has turned out better than I’d hoped. Not only does the cable work both ways on the right side of the fabric but the ‘wrong side’ looks great too with slipped stitch verticals and reverse stocking stitch being the dominant textures.

The sample is knitted in sh 9517 Chartreuse but again there are 4 other colours in the range to choose from here

Oh yes before I go I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Claire Kelly who was lovely enough to give me a mention on her blog Pass The Pattern here.

Hope you like these latest additions to my collection, now where’s that packing tape….

J x