The Knitter Issue 10

gladstone bag J Sloan

As a bit of a control freak I normally plan every stage of a design so I know – or think I know – exactly how it will turn out.

Well this design wasn’t like that and has turned out far better than I could have hoped. I LOVE IT! Published in The Knitter magazine, issue 10 which is now available it’s knitted in Jamieson & Smith’s 2ply Jumper weight which is fantastic for felting and then embroidered and embellished with buttons.

Oh yes there are beads knitted into it too for a touch of bling.You can take the girl out of Essex . . . . .

3 thoughts on “The Knitter Issue 10

  1. Sandie M

    OK, you are the only person I’ve found who’s knitted products make me positively covetous! That Gladstone Bag…I want one, only I want it NOW!! D’ya take commissions, I want to make my friends jealous?!?


    1. jeanettesloan

      SandieM! I’m glad you think it’s covetable. I don’t take commissions I’m afraid, you’ll have to pick up your copy of the magazine and get casting on. It has given me lost of ideas for other designs though so watch this space . . .

  2. Hi I love your website. As someone who spent years with a mother that knitted everything I wore I hated knitting with a passion ! But you know that your website has sparked an interest. As a fellow former cancer sufferer . I was delighted to see your Marie Cure Knitiing pack everyone will get one for christmas….a great idea thanks .

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