Interview for Yarnwise Magazine


Back in the Summer (and doesn’t that seem a long time ago now?) I was interviewed Lou Butt for an upcoming issue of Yarnwise magazine. I was very flattered to be asked and armed with a mug of tea I worked my way through the list of questions and returned my answers looking forward to receiving a copy of the magazine on publication.


My copy finally hit the doorstep on Saturday morning and whilst I’m really happy with the interview I’m sad to hear that this is the last issue of the magazine to be published in a print format. It seems that the publishers Tailor Made have decided that with so many other knitting titles on the market (and no doubt with so many of us using tablets) they’re looking to utilise their knowledge of the yarn market to develop “new and innovative products in the knitting magazine sector.” There are a lot of UK knitting titles currently¬†available but as long as they’re all offering designs, tutorials and articles of a varied and high standard surely you can never have too much of a good thing?

Grab a copy of the issue while you can and I hope you enjoy the interview

J x