The M6 and the Magic of Twitter

We’ve been doing a LOT of toi-ng and fro-ing on the M6 of late and the journey between the South East of England ( namely Brighton and Romford ) and the South East of Scotland ( namely Edinburgh ) can be both exhausting and boring. Yes we’ve gone through the CD collection, Radios 2 & 4 and as for I spy, the answer is usually ‘M’ as in ‘motorway’, ‘M6’ or just ‘more road’.

Thank goodness then for the magic of Twitter which kept me occupied for literally hours thinking up titles for #scarycraftfilms especially for Halloween. Here’s the list, groan at your leisure;

The Hills Have Eyelets
The Exor-stitch
Texas Chainstitch Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Macrame
What Dyes Beneath
(Crochet’ed ) Shawl of the Dead
28 Rows Later
Invasion of the Bodkin Snatchers
An American WearsWool in London
The Stitcher (with Rutger Hauer)
Knitwear on Elm Street
The Bride of Hank&Skein
Salem’s Knot
The Frog (one for the knitters)
Stephen Kings (kn)It
Dr Jekyll and Mr Dyed
The Wicker Basket Man (with EdWood WoodWood)
Invasion of the Beady Snatchers

Thanks to
@MollieMakes @AudreysCat @thesockgarden @SockYarnShop @RoseCottCrafts for the spooky banter