Chrysalis Cardi, The Knitter Issue 18

Just taking a quick break from blocking a new design before I get started on the embroidery to post a couple of pics of my latest design published in The Knitter. It’s a pretty child’s design called ‘Chrysalis’ which I think is the perfect party cardigan for a little girl and is knitted in Lang Yarns’ Merino 150. I’ll be posting more next week with tips and how to’s for the embroidery-shy amongst you but for now . .


Miss Galloni Shrug, The knitter Issue 16

Copyright The Knitter magazine

Remember the 80’s? All that bold colour and graphic pattern not to mention the shoulder pads, flicked hair and Duran Duran – or was that just me?! This design is a little salute to Missoni and their trademark colourful chevron knits and here’s one of my hilarious ‘fashion drawings’ that shows where the idea began – note the Nick Rhodes hairdo . My sketches are designed to get the idea ‘down’ rather than be a work of fine art and you can tell from it that I did textiles.

Knitted ( by my very good friend June )in Noro Kureyon sock yarn it’s worked from cuff to cuff in a combination of rounds and rows with columns of vertical lace holes travelling across the back whilst the deflected stitches create a zig zag effect at both cast on and cast off edges. The stripes are knitted by alternating two balls of the same shade of the Noro, each at diifferent points in the colourway, in order to make the stripe effect more obvious and I’ve emphasised these edges with Debbie Bliss Rialto 4ply. Once the main body of the shrug is complete and all the ends have been sewn in, use a scrap of contrast yarn to sew a line of running stitch along the sleeve edge in order to mark where to pick up for the cuff

Marking out a line of sts to make picking up easier

the pointed edges can then be ‘set’ by pinning in place and blasting with a steam iron a few times before allowing them to cool

Once cool the stitches can be picked up for the cuff which is worked in the Rialto 4ply to pick up the contrast of the cast / cast off edge. . .

Pick up and knit for the cuffs

A very shallow rib is added to the opening neck edge to finish off which was flattened with a blast of steam to take the elasticity out of it.


Maggiore – a slight cock up

So it seems that there was an error in the materials given for the Maggiore wrap in Issue 16 of The Knitter. I’m so dippy these day I didn’t notice. So if you’ve been hunting high and low trying to find Twilleys Gorgeous sh 409 in 4ply, it doesn’t actually exist – I used DK for the wrap but having knitted it some time ago now and  moved on to a number of new things since then – on top of which my ‘senior moments’ are coming thick and fast –  all I can do is say sorry for not pointing it out sooner. ooops!

Alternative yarn for Maggiore Wrap

I’ve been asked for alternative suggestions for the ‘Crocus’ shade of Gorgeous 4ply used in the Maggiore shawl as it’s proving hard to get hold of. I know it can be really annoying when a yarn featured in a design isn’t available but we ( myself and those in the know at The Knitter) checked as much as we could that the yarn would be available when the design was published. So having done a bit of research here are a couple of options;

– you could use the Gorgeous DK in ‘Crocus’ but just watch as this will add to the weight of the wrap and you’ll also need more yarn than the pattern states – I make it around 6 balls – so this probably isn’t ideal

– Lang Yarns’ Merino 150 comes in a deep purple sh 0080 and although it’s a pure wool rather than a bamboo mix like the Gorgeous it’s a beautiful yarn to work with and should give great results. Have a look at it here

Hope this helps!

Maggiore shawl, The Knitter Issue 15

The Maggiore shawl is my latest design for The Knitter.

The undulating areas of sheer are created by working variable drop stitch contrasted against bands of slip stitch / garter stitch in combination with 3 different yarns from the same intensely rich purple colour palette. It may appear very easy but sometimes quite nice to show a bit of design restraint and let a simple concept and the yarn do the talking.

Guess what? It’s cold

Happy New Year! I don’t know why we seem so surprised considering how much snow there is on the ground but it’s freezing and every morning I look out the window to be met with the sight of more snow in the garden. Edinburgh has never looked so beautiful but I AM BALTIC!! The only thing for it is to knit, knit ,and knit some more.

As Jessie from the Fast Show would say ‘Today I am mostly working on’ . . . finishing the pattern for a shrug  and swatching for what should hopefully be a very pretty childs cardi, both for upcoming issues of The Knitter, sketching some design ideas for another magazine and catching up on emails oh yes and throwing another smokeless fuel bricquette on the fire. Carry on!

Baird Neckwarmer, The Knitter Issue 13

I’ve just added a fantastic shot of the Baird Neckwarmer designed for issue 13 of The Knitter to the ‘My Designs’ page. It’s knitted in Lang Mille Colori Big which just wasn’t big enough for me so I’ve used it doubled throughout.

This chunky little number is named after my bezzy mate Margo, not because it’s a chunky little number but because it makes you feel warmer to have it around. She’ll kill me for that no doubt . . .