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Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 08.52.00I think I first posted about working with this shade of Rowan’s Cotton Rope back in July last year and as is often the case, it’s been languishing in my stash for years before that. Although my memory is pretty shocking nowadays I clearly remember the day this yarn joined the realms of the Sloan Stash. I’d bought it as stock whilst running HKhandknit in Edinburgh and fell in love with the colour as soon as I clapped eyes on it. It sat, and sat and sat on the shelves for a whole summer (obviously at the time too bright for my Edinburgh customers) and when Rowan decided to discontinue it I felt it would be happiest and best appreciated in my possession. All 22 balls of it.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 09.18.48

So fast forward to today and I’ve finally cast off the cardigan that that precious, fantastic coloured yarn has finally become. It seems to have been a long road to get to this point but that may largely be due to the fact everything involving numbers, concentration and memory can often feel like pulling teeth if my brain isn’t playing ball. I vaguely remember first dragging the yarn out of the loft back in 2015 PreC (pre craniotomy) but didn’t start doodling on paper until July 2017 PostC (post craniotomy). It wasn’t until I tidied my office almost exactly 12 months later that I moved a hug pile of fabric I’d been using to make cushions and came across the abandoned wip squashed into the bottom of a basket with my ‘missing’ 6 mm Knit Pro tips and 80 cm cable. Since my surgery I’ve dreaded making discoveries like this. Not as you’d imagine, because of the guilt you normally feel because you haven’t finished yet another project. It’s trying to get back into the headspace I was in when I drew up those original sketches and made those initial calculations which is so much like reading the work of a stranger that it fills me with such dread it sometimes causes enough stress to bring on a migraine.

Thankfully though in this case I was so genuinely pleased to have found 1. the yarn again – I mean THAT COLOUR!!! –  and 2. those bloody 6mm tips (I thought they’d gone for good) that I just went right back to the drawing board. Bizarrely enough for a ‘me’ knit I’d actually made lots of helpfully detailed written notes about what I was thinking so it actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought to pick up where I’d left off . So, after making a couple of changes ( dropping the needle size to 5.50mm) I was soon up and running again. Ok there’s been a bit of frogging but the combination of this yarn, large needles and the deliciously textured purl twist stitch I used on Mrs T’s Mittens made this a really really enjoyable design to knit. Now it’s finally cast off I’m really pleased with the results.


I wanted a relaxed, boxy knit that would be easy to wear in the summer when the sun’s gone down and it gets a bit chilly. Because of the chunky weight of the yarn I wanted very few seams so it’s actually worked in one piece on a long circular needle whilst slipped stitches on the wrong side of the garment give the appearance of a seam but without the bulk.


There’s a wide panel of purl twist texture in the centre back which is matched by the front facing bands which are worked as you knit, rather than added on afterwards (again avoiding any joins) and these run on over the shoulders to join at the centre back of the neck. Ah yes, that join. There were a couple of issues with the neckband as I’d originally envisaged grafting it together but after a couple of failed attempts where it just didn’t look of feel right I plumped for casting off both sets of stitches off together which I’m much happier with.

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All in all I love the results.

Would  I knit it again? Definitely. Probably a winter version with sleeves.

Would I make any changes? Mmmm probably, after all there’s always something you could tweak to make improvements. But for now I’m happy that this keeps summer going just a little bit longer. That and the fact that we’re off to Corsica for a week on Saturday!

At my age I’m more excited than I should be about going on holiday but we’ve been through a lot since our last foreign break seven years ago so to celebrate I’m having a sale over on  Ravelry. There’s 25% off all patterns from now until the end of September – no code needed – so you could get a headstart on some of that C*#!+%?mas gift knitting whilst I head off to the sun. Sorry it’s just too early to use that particular ‘C word’.

You’ll find my Ravelry Pattern Store here. I’m off to pack

J x



6 New Designs

I can’t believe that it’s been 2 months since I last posted anything on the blog. So much for the New Year’s resolution that I was going to make the effort to post every fortnight but somehow life always gets in the way. On the house front the smell of paint has finally gone and the ever-present masonry dust has been replaced with good old ‘day to day’ house dust ~  I never thought I’d be so glad to see it. The building work on the house has been exhausting and stressful but every morning when I wake up and look around me I feel that whilst I wouldn’t do it again, it was worth it.(There’ll be lots of ‘before and after’ pictures of the house in an upcoming blog post).

Aside from re-building a house I’ve taken part in 2 shows and finally published 6 new designs to support my range of yarns. I’ll talk about in more depth about each design in future individual posts but for now I’d like to introduce you to;




Sealy Hill


and finally Quinton

All are available as PDF downloads from my Ravelry page here or through the website here where you can also drool over the yarns.

I hope you like them


One of those weeks BUT….

It’s definitely been one of those weeks where almost every day I’ve planned to sit and do nothing  but knit from the get go and what actually happened is that I’ve spent much of the day answering emails. Now I find myself sitting on Friday evening trying to frantically finish knitting a design that should have been finished 2 days ago. BUT this week has seen a little more dwindling of the stash pile. There is however still more yarn that needs to be sold so if you’re in the mood for a bargain then have a look here. I’ve currently got 33 lots up for sale including some Artesano Hummingbird 4ply, Rowan Wool Cotton, Kidsilk Haze and Trendsetter Handspun Cashmere.

Oh yes and also over on Ravelry I’ve also started  a  Jeanette Sloan Design group so why not come on over and join in the chat here

New Pattern Store on Ravelry

I’m normally a bit dippy at the best of times but this week I’ve got an excuse as I’m still in pain having had a wisdom tooth out on Monday. The actual extraction wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be but then I’ve had some pretty grim experiences – including a bone marrow test – that have set a useful benchmark for how much pain I can tolerate. Anyway, being dosed up on painkillers meant it took a little longer than it probably should have to set up my new Ravelry Pattern Store here.

I’ve done quite a few designs for magazines over the years and to be honest I felt I could be doing more with them as although some mags offer back issues, for readers it’s not always worth the money for 1 pattern once you’ve coughed up for both magazine and postage. (As was pointed out by a knitter in the USA who liked one of my recent designs for The Knitter but couldn’t find the mag over there). At the moment I’m offering designs that have previously been published to download, but I’ll be adding new designs too.

Designs just added are the Mullins Bay scarf above ( previously published in Yarn Forward) and

Heel Heaven, a sock design published in Simply Knitting ( both are £3.00 to download ). If you fancy a freebie stash busting pattern there’s the Hanger & Lavender Bag Set below

Have a good weekend

Make Do and Knit, 27th & 27th March 2010

This is another brilliant event organised by the very talented Susan Crawford of Knitonthenet ( together with some other talented folk ).

It’s a two day knitting and making fair with a vintage feel and as well as fashion shows and a cafe there’ll also be carefully selected retailers offering a wide selection of high quality knitting, spinning, dressmaking and haberdashery supplies. One of the things I loved about working in Jenners on Princes Street some years ago was the old style feel of their haberdashery department, sadly that’s gone along with that particular type of customer service. Bring back department stores like Grace Brothers!

I’ll be at Make Do and Knit with lots of goodies from duppdupp including a new collection of needle & hook cases, buttons, Boye needles & hooks and the hand turned pin boxes that I didn’t quite manage to get onto the website in time for Christmas ~ oops! I’ll also be taking Kitglobal kits so there’ll be a chance for anyone  who doesn’t know how soft our Baby Alpaca is to come and have a feel for themselves. There’s a newly formed Make Do and Knit group on Ravelry so join up here , say hello and spread the word.

Have a lovely weekend all