New 4ply Design – #3 Brighton

This is the last of the new designs in Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply (for now) and appropriately, with only 2 days to go before Unwind kicks off, it’s called Brighton.


 This design is worked in single coloured rows on a circular needle which creates an interesting two tone lace effect which has a wonderfully springy texture. If you’re dreading the thought of having to use a circular needle, fear not. This technique is simple to work once you get the hang of it and is perfect for a scarf because it’s reversible so there’s no  ‘wrong’ side to worry about.

The scarf is not only named in honour of my hometown here in the UK but like many of my designs it celebrates my West Indian heritage as there’s also a Brighton in Barbados where my parents were born. I chose the combination of Calypso with Caramel because they bring together the warm brown tones of the shingle beach with the bright clear blue of the sea and to add a hint of peril the scarf is finished at each end with a Shark’s Tooth lace edge.


Brighton (the scarf, not the city) only takes 2 balls of Baby Alpaca/ Silk 4ply and the like the Skinny Winnie the pattern is available from the website on the FREE PATTERNS  page and you’ll also find the kit for sale in the Online Shop. So, if the combination of Calypso & Caramel doesn’t work for you, there’s the option to put your own colourway together.

I’m off to make up kits for the weekend

J x

First Steps in Lace Workshop


I can’t believe we’re already into May, this year is absolutely flying by. Hopefully it won’t be long before we’re sitting outside sunning ourselves with a glass of something fizzy by our sides and a little something creative in hand to keep us occupied. If like me you like to knit something a little lighter in the Summer months, why not try lace?

On Saturday May 31st I’ll be at Black Sheep Wools for a day workshop teaching First Steps in Lace. If you’ve mastered the basics of knit and purl you’re ready to take the next step,….honestly. There are a few basic rules to remember and once you’ve cracked them you’ll be on your way to creating the most beautiful, open stitches which can be use in any project from scarves, stoles, shawls to socks and sweaters. On the day we’ll be working with my Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply yarn which is so, so soft with a wonderful lustre and it’s perfect for lace. You’ll learn the basic principles of lace knitting including how to balance yarn overs and decreases to create laceholes, how to work from a chart and how to finish your work once completed. You’ll be able to bring all these new skills together to create a lacy shawlette which you’ll be able to cast on and take away with you to complete at your own speed. For more info have a look at the Black Sheep Wools website here


Dionne Shawl

Image copyright Jeanette Sloan 2012

It may seem a strange thing to admit but as a designer I’ve never been the most prolific, banging one design out after another. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that way of working and I admire those that can do it. But ever since my student days I’ve taken the time to love and develop an idea through  the swatching, graphing and pattern writing process to the final creation. That’s just the way that I’ve found I’m best able to work and it means that when I like a design, I REALLY love it. And this is the case with my latest shawl design….

Image copyright Jeanette Sloan 2012

Dionne is a bottom up triangular shaped shawl knitted in my wonderfully soft Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply yarn. It begins with just a few stitches and widens as vertical lines of a teardrop shaped lace motif travel down its length.

Image copyright Jeanette Sloan 2012

I wanted the shawl to have a ‘finished’ rather than a raw edge but didn’t want to have to pick up and knit to achieve this so instead I’ve used double eyelets at each edge and knitted into the 1st and last stitches on the WS rows to prevent the fabric from curling.

Image copyright Jeanette Sloan 2012

The shawl takes 200g (4 x 50g) of my Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply which is a lovely blend with just the right balance of lustre /softness from the silk and warmth from the alpaca content. (It’s 30% silk, 70% Baby Alpaca). I know from experience how it slips along quite beautifully when knitting  although I have to say a HUGE thank you to my great friend Mary who knitted this Dionne for me.  The pattern is available as a PDF download and given how awful the British ‘Summer’ weather is you could say it was the perfect thing to be knitting at the moment.

For more information on pattern and yarn have  look at the website here

J x

New designs and the packing begins

I’m taking a few minutes out from packing boxes to do a quick post about my 2 newest designs. Having spent the last 13 years in Scotland it’s a little surreal to be packing up everything for a return south of the Border but that time has come at last. It’s been said many times that moving house is one of THE most stressful things you can do and at my last count I’ve moved 8 times in the past 13 years. So either I cope very well with stress or I’ve been watching too many episodes of Relocation, Relocation. So now to my 2 designs…

The first is the Lozenge Lace Collar knitted in my Baby Alpaca / Silk 4ply. I didn’t feel this was deep enough to be a snood and a cowl sounds so Wintry so I opted to call this a collar instead. It’s worked in the round on a large circular needle and combines a lacy rib structure with bobbles and lozenge shaped mock cabling from where I took the name. For the cast on and cast on edges the yarn is used doubled on a slighty larger needle which creates a slightly more substantial fabric with more body than the main section worked in lace.

I’ve knitted the sample in sh V414 Lippy but you could choose from any of the 4 other colours in the range to add a real ‘pop’ of colour to an outfit whether it’s Winter or Summer.

The second design is the Uppandoon Cable Scarf knitted in my Baby Alpaca DK. I LOVE this design not just because it’s so gorgeously soft and cosy to wear but also because I really enjoyed the swatching process behind the cable stitch. I wanted a cable that would work both up and down (hence the name) the finished scarf and the resulting combination of cables, yarn overs and slipped stitches has turned out better than I’d hoped. Not only does the cable work both ways on the right side of the fabric but the ‘wrong side’ looks great too with slipped stitch verticals and reverse stocking stitch being the dominant textures.

The sample is knitted in sh 9517 Chartreuse but again there are 4 other colours in the range to choose from here

Oh yes before I go I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Claire Kelly who was lovely enough to give me a mention on her blog Pass The Pattern here.

Hope you like these latest additions to my collection, now where’s that packing tape….

J x