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Due to space restrictions it’s not always possible to include every single detail in my answers to the ‘Ask Jeanette’ questions I receive at ‘Knitting’ magazine. So I’ve decided to add a page here on the blog where I can include links to more help, resources, tips etc. Let me know if you find it helpful or what I could do to improve it

Issue 93, September 2011

Here’s the link to the video made by www.blacksheepwools.com for how to knit a scarf using Rico’s Loopy yarn. Click here and enjoy!

Issue 91, July 2011

There’s an error in the chart for the Soliloquy Lace Sock on page 5 of the Socks Supplement. The chart should read as follows;

Issue 90, June 2011

If your looking to create charts for intarsia knitting from your own images then you’ll the following websites helpful;

www.softbyte.co.uk creators of DesignaKnit

www.kpg.sourceforge.net creators of the Knitting Pattern Generator

www.microrevolt.org for a punkier take on creating graphs for various crafts

and not forgetting all those lovely machine knitters www.jonewton.co.uk

Frost Hat by Louisa Harding

( originally published in issue 70 December 2009 with a couple of errors ) so for the full corrected pattern click here


15 thoughts on “‘Ask Jeanette’ Links

  1. I have come to the dance late! My mother gave me an old issue of “The Knitter” and I am crazed for the Gladstone bag. I would love to be able to get all the supplies. A kit would be glorious but I know that probably does not exist. The most important accessory would be the handle on the brown bag and next would be the yarn. I live in California,USA. Can you help?

    1. Hi Kirsti

      I’m so glad that you’ve found this design and like it enough to want to knit it.’Gladstone’ was one of my earliest designs for The Knitter, originally published a couple of years ago. Since then the bag the Trendsetter Yarns lucite bag handle that I used has been discontinued and I have been searching for another that would work as well. The ones I’ve found obviously won’t look quite the same but should work as far as the fitting on to the top of the bag is concerned.

      As for the yarn, I used a Scottish wool by Jamieson & Smith which you can find here . You can order through the website and they ship to the USA

      The link for the handle is here

      Let me know how you get on or if you need any more help


  2. Hi Jeanette, I have recently tried to access the lovely hat design featured in March issue 87. I have used you blog annd clicked on the “here” link but it doesn’t go anywhere? Any advice so i can access this lovely design?
    Many thanks,

  3. The September issue of Knitting says that (page 95) that you have included a link to YouTube on your blog on how to knit the scarf in Rico’s Loopy. I cannot find this link. Please advise where I can locate it. Regards

    Linda Edwads

  4. Hi Jeanette, I am a relative new comer to knitting and have your book Easy Knitted Accessories. I would like to make the Cute Casual Bag (Project 23). For the part that reads: “Rows 5-14: Repeat rows 3 and 4 five times” – but if row 3 includes pearling 2 and 3 stitches together (ie loosing stitches) how can the row be exactly repeated five times? I’ve done one repeat and already have less than the original 45 stitches – or am I completely misinterpreting the instructions? 🙂

    1. Hi Kirsten

      First of all I really must apologise for not replying to your comment earlier, I’m not sure how I missed it.

      Now to your query about the Cute Casual Bag;
      On Row 3 you’re told to work both ‘p2tog’ and ‘p3tog’ across the width of the bag which decreases stitches – you lose 1 stitch for each p2tog and 2 stitches for each p3tog. To counterbalance these lost stitches you create stitches by working ‘yf’ or yarn forward over needle to make a stitch (confusingly sometimes ‘yf’ can also mean bring the yarn forward between the needles to the front of the work). With the repeats, there are a total of 2 x p2tog and 2 x p3tog worked in Row 3 losing 6 stitches in total but as a balance you should be working ‘yf’ 6 times to keep the number of stitches at 45.
      I really hope all this makes sense, if you need any further help please email me through the website and I’ll get straight back to you
      Very best wishes

  5. Please can you help me understand your pattern “Maia gauntlett”. R1 k1,(yf,bfl4,yb) so, knit1 all good so far. Bfl5 has instructions that read yf,slip next stitch to right, yb. Yf = yarn forward? But I’ve already done that?? Yb at the end, again I’ve already done that too.
    Then on the chart. There are 57 stitches, which I have but by the time I’ve k2tog I’ve run out of stiches to complete the pattern… then halfway one square has k2tog tbl +k2tog how does that work on one stich?

    Very confused by the instructions and lack of abbreviation explanations. Please help untangle my grey cells. Many thanks, Sam

    1. Hi Sam

      I’m sorry you’re having problems with this pattern. I was part of a collection that I did for Artesano a very long time ago and there were a few issue with some of the instructions going astray when the pattern was formatted for publication. As Artesano are no longer trading I may need to take another look at the pattern to check it and then get back to you. I hope that’s ok?

      Do you mind me asking where you found the pattern? I realise you may have bought it some time ago.

      Best regards, Jeanette

  6. Hi, I brought it the other week at Beaker Button. I loved the design and I’ve purchased some lovely wool to make it up. Do you need anything else from the pattern I have? Thanks Sam

  7. I have been knitting now for 59 years but am stumped by the ‘Winter berries’ scarf pattern in the book ‘Collection One’. I completed the first 38 rows in no time but cannot make the instructions fit starting again at row 19 now I have 36 stitches more on the needle. Can you help me please? ☹️
    Kind regards, Val Casserly

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