VKL New York 2020 – pt 1


Since arriving home from New York week over a week ago  I’ve been battling a combination of jet lag and the dreaded lurgey. It’s meant the excited re-telling of all the amazing things I did at Vogue Knitting Live, all the wonderful people I met, the inspiring work I saw and the delicious yarns I drooled over won’t now happen. Why? Because sadly my head is full of snot and my body so achey it makes long periods of concentration nigh on impossible. Somehow – and I know how ridiculous this sounds – despite all the life threatening illnesses I’ve been through, the common cold is the thing that floors me most.

So before January gives way to February (yes as you can see since it is now February I even failed there) and these pictures languish unloved in a forgotten corner of my MacBook here are some of my Vogue Knitting Live 2020 highlights. More to come.

I’m off to blow my nose. Again

J x


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I travelled over to the States with (most of) my dream team of Felicity Ford @knitsonik, Lorna Hamilton Brown @lhamiltonbrown and Alyson Chu @alysonhere. Sadly the last member of BIPOC in Fiber Juliet Bernard @julietbernard couldn’t join us as she was in India with Knit For Peace.

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Vogue Knitting’s DAC

I’m really proud to a member of Vogue Knitting’s Diversity Advisory Council and over the last 9 months we’ve worked really hard to make the Knitting Live! events and publications much more inclusive and welcoming. As we’re spread across the globe much of this involves long conference calls so it was great to finally meet as a full council to help celebrate 10 years of VKL. Just in case you’re wondering the full council shown above are;

Angela Tong @atongdesigns

Louis Boria @brooklynboyknits

Cecilia Nelson Hurt @creativececi

Ana Campos @circlestitches

Lorna Hamilton Brown

Felicity Ford

Me of course

Diane Ivey @ladydyeyarns

You can find out more about the work that we’ve been doing over on the Vogue Knitting website here 

One thought on “VKL New York 2020 – pt 1

  1. Janet

    Thanks for the pictures and the link to the DAC article on Vogue Knitting. I needed to read all that. It’s quite impressive, the work that the DAC has done. Thank you very much.

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