Jonah’s Hands

Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 10.25.29One of the many beautiful things to have come out of my continued search for names to  to add to the POC Designers & Crafters list is that I’m always discovering something or someone new. In particular what I love about Instagram is that I don’t always have to actively search for a name, sometimes a comment or a tag on a post in my feed is all I need before I’m off looking at new work, podcasts, video channels or blogs. 


This is how I came across the work of Jonah whose account @jonahhands is on Instagram. He began teaching himself to crochet around aged 5 and now aged 10 he’s started creating his own designs but not content with just churning out granny square after granny square Jonah likes to mix it up when it comes to yarn weights and size of hook. From simple pot stands and mega chunky baskets to colourful afghans so big you can barely see his beautiful face behind them to say this young man is prolific would be something of an understatement. Oh and you should see the speed at which his hands work – he crochets like lightning. I asked Jonah to tell me how he got started and I thought it would be nice to use his own words to tell his story.

“When I was 5 years old my Aunt gave me and my siblings a bag of unwanted craft items from her basement.  In it was a crochet hook and knitting needles. I asked mom what to do with them and she told me you made pretty things out of yarn with them.  She doesn’t know how to knit or crochet so she told me to go online and find a video. And I did. I started with knitting and made a long tail winter hat. Then I used a crochet hook to make mom a winter ear warmer. Crocheting was easier for me. It was hard to hold the knitting needles when I was five. I will try again some day.  

I liked the feeling it gave me when I crocheted. I felt calm. My mind is very busy and it made me focus.  I made many items and then mom put them in the county fair. I won 4 ribbons (and I was against the grandmas- not the kids). So, I kept on watching videos and making things for people. Everyone loved my gifts. When I was in grade school I wasn’t very well behaved because I was bored. I am very advanced in math … I’m 10 now and take high school classes. When I was misbehaved last year in 5th grade my teacher let me crochet when I was done with my work.  I didn’t get any more behaviour slips at school! I even taught other kids.

People think I will get teased or bullied but I don’t. Because I crochet fast and they think it’s cool. My big brother even likes my crocheting. My grandma crochets but lives far away. When I do see her I go to the bottom drawer of her dresser and take out all the doilies she’s made. So nice. She shares patterns with me and give me new hooks”.

You can tell from the beaming look on his face that Jonah lives to crochet often making things for his Mum (who must be hugely proud of her son) or making items to sell using the money he makes to either donate, invest, save for college – remember he’s 10 years old –  …or buy more yarn. I really admire that as a young black boy he’s confident enough in his creativity to share his skills with other kids at his school and has a generous heart that makes him want to gift what he produces to other people. Interestingly the fact that crochet also helps him to feel calm, and to still his ‘over busy’ mind makes me think that Jonah is probably pretty advanced for his age. I’m so glad to have found him and absolutely love what he’s doing particularly when he posts using the hashtags #guyswhocrochet, #adoptionrocks #kidscrochet #menstitchtoo  and #jonahlovestocrochet  in fact I think he’s a genius….. we should keep an eye on him. 

You can keep up to date with what young Jonah is up to by following his Instagram account @jonahshands here

J x

Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 17.05.28

19 thoughts on “Jonah’s Hands

  1. Amanda Davies

    You are amazing jonah! I also do crochet for a job and passion. Its what i live for sometimes. So therapeutic. Yoyr work is stunning. I cant believe youre only 10. Good on you. From New Zealand and watching in awe xx

  2. Bernie Stoudt

    Oh Jonah!

    Impressive! You are so skilled!!
    I envy your skill set. I too taught myself from online, You Tube. But I sure didn’t learn and progress as quickly as you!

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow, what an amazing little boy! What amazing work… My grandson has asked me to teach him, and I’ll be taking time to teach him. It’s encouraging that Jonah said it helps to calm him and he behaves much better. I think it will help my g-son who also plays basketball, which also keeps him busy and limits his video game time. It’s great to see youngsters carry on a time-honored skill and art form like crochet. Way to go, Jonah! Keep up the good work!

  4. Holly

    Jonah, you are amazing. What beautiful pieces. I crochet also and find it very Therapeutic and relaxing. I have arthritis in my hands and it helps to keep my joints and muscles warm, Keep up the good work, you are fantastic. Don’t let anybody say that A man you can’t do these things, Rosie Grier was a huge football player and he knitted.

      1. elainefrye

        You are such an amazing and talented young man. Congratulations on your new website! I love it!

    1. Hi Bonita
      Jonah has been overwhelmed with orders after a newspaper article was written about him in the States. Having been in contact with him he’s told me that he can’t take on any more order at the moment.

  5. Maureen Ormson

    What BEAUTIFUL work, Jonah! I have crocheted more than half my life. It was a great stress reducer, and I made lots of presents for my friends and family. I made my mom a blanket that she found a pattern for when her cancer was in it ‘s late stages. It used three strands of soft yarn in the colors she picked, and it was covering her when she passed in the hospital.Then it disappeared…. I went to my sister’s in Florida and found it on her bed. I was too angry to say anything. SO needless to say, I would like to have you crochet me the bright flower blanket in the picture . My fingers are all bent out of shape due to arthritis and old age now, so I know I would not be able to do a beautiful job anymore. Just tell me if you are willing to do it, and ow much you charge. I will send you a check. It will keep me warm and comfort me . I had a heart attack in December, and am always cold now since my stent surgery. It just needs to be soft and colorful like the picture. I love bright colors.Please let me know either way.
    Bless you,
    Maureen Ormson

  6. veronica

    you are a very bright young man and i am glad you are going to do a book aboutr your patterns you are a very smart young man and i enjoy watching you on FB

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