A clear head

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks.. first the fridge/ freezer gave up the ghost within a whiff of the builders arriving to start the kitchen renovation and then the full on days and nights of knitting up my denim design. Life really is back to normal. It’s now nine and a half months since my craniotomy and I’m still incredibly grateful that life is so normal and that this is all I have to worry about. Those little ‘problems’ are easily resolved; we have a new fridge/freezer (it’s amazing how keeping the milk in a cool box for a week makes you appreciate modern appliances) and the beautifully finished garment has been carefully wrapped and dispatched.

Last Monday I dipped my toe back into serious waters with a visit to see my neurosurgeon for my second post op check up. It’s more than a little bizarre that I’ve met him only four times and yet he knows my brain more intimately  than I do. The fantastic news is that the MRI scan that I had before Christmas shows no sign of tumours (or lesions as he refers to them) and although he can’t give me any answers as to why I still suffer from migraines and occasional dizziness he’s happy with the scan results and won’t need to see me until next year. I may have an awful memory and occasional migraines but I’m truly grateful that he’s given me the ‘all clear’ and whilst I’ve been sweating the seemingly small stuff I have to remember that this is what really, really matters.

(The pre op MRI is on the left -the white mass in the top right is the larger tumour and the post op MRI is on the right showing all clear).

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 9 months. Have a fantastic day

J x


2 thoughts on “A clear head

  1. Julie Godley

    Hi Jeanette, I’m not sure you will remember me. I am Maggie’s sister (Textile Garden) and I attended an event in Brighton with her, selling my scarves and hats. I was over from France visiting family. Before moving to France I lived in Mackie Avenue in Patcham. It was a pleasant surprise to find out you lived further along the very same road. Do you still live there? I have just been looking on Pinterest at Annie Sloan’s posts and thought I know that name! It made me think of you. I am sorry to read that you’ve had a hard time recently and want to wish you well. I hope your recovery continues positively and you manage to keep up with the knitting! Sending you a big hug. xx

    1. Hi Julie, of course I remember you! It’s so nice to hear from you and I was lucky enough to see Maggie and Colin a couple of weeks ago at Unravel. We moved from Mackie Avenue last July – a couple of months after my operation. It seems a bit mad but at the time we were buying the house I could have been terminally ill and I just decided that if I was, I wanted to be down by the sea. Thankfully both the tumours were benign so we’re now living just of the seafront in Hove and I’m so glad that we made the move. How are you doing, are you still crocheting those beautiful scarves? Thank you so much for getting in touch, sending a big hug right back to you! xxx

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