Knitting IOU – paid

31 Day Challenge Day 20


Back on Day 12 of this 31 day blog challenge I mentioned an IOU given to Sam for a hat to match a pair of fingerless gloves I’d made for him previously. Well, I’ve actually managed to finish the hat despite my brain’s best (or should that be worst) efforts. It was challenging, not because the pattern was particularly complex but mainly because it’s the first thing I’ve designed since my craniotomy. My tumours were in each of the frontal lobes of my brain and since that can affect, amongst other things, problem solving and memory it means that I have spectacular blank moments whilst I’m slap, bang in the middle of working something out.

There was a little bit of ‘ripe’ language when I had to rip back the crown shaping not once, but three times but frogging and the odd pattern glitch aside I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out. And better still so is Sam.

What project have you finished this week? And what’s next on your needles…

J x


4 thoughts on “Knitting IOU – paid

  1. Well done! They look perfect, and very timely for current weather. As a New Year resolution I compiled a list of WIPs and stuck it on my fridge, ticking them off as they are completed. Current status 9 down 7 to go. Pretty disgraceful!

  2. They look great Jeanette – I’ve been doing lots of cable work too. I’m busy doing lots of commission work for Jody Long’s new books but looking forward to some ‘me time’ to knit up some of my handspun wool – I’ve got lots of colours ready to do a Kate Davies design. My resolution this year is not to buy any commercial yarn as I’ve got plenty of stash and lots of fibre to spin!

    1. Jody is lucky to have you knitting for him, I hope you’re enjoying it too. I know the dreaded stash just gets bigger. I’m planning to finish knit more for myself too. I think we deserve it! x

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