Knitting IOUs

31 Day Challenge Day 12


Some knitters are super organised and work away all year lovingly and patiently creating every stitch and row until the cast off is complete and the last end sewn in. I, however, am not that knitter. So having promised Sam a hat to match a pair of cabled mittens made for a previous Christmas present I’ve settled down in front of the woodburner to honour that IOU.

Currently the weather is foul with icy showers forecast across the UK both tonight and into tomorrow morning and that gives me the perfect excuse to stay inside and cosy up. Thankfully the yarn I’m using – *Lang’s Merino 50 – is a dream to knit. Not only does it have a lovely fat, rounded handle but it’s also got a wonderful bouncy construction that makes for soft but perfectly formed cables and I’m working them in a panel contrasted on either side by beautifully even stocking stitch. I’m not exactly sure how the two balls I’ve got found their way into my stash but I’m really happy they did. Another huge bonus is that it knits up quickly (the ball band recommends 9mm needles but I’m using 6.5mm) and that’s just as well because given how cold it’s going to get tomorrow I’m sure Sam will be wearing it as soon as the last end’s been sewn in.

Wherever you are I hope you’re keeping warm.

J x

*This is not a paid review but is entirely based on my personal experience of working with this yarn

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