More stitch than bitch

31 Day Challenge Day 9

I have a confession to make. I’m a very late comer to the ‘Stitch & Bitch’ scene. It may well be the actual name ‘Stitch & Bitch’ as it can have really negative connotations and although it may not literally be the case the idea of sitting around in groups ‘bitching’ about ANYTHING does not, for me, sound appealing or positive. Or at least it didn’t…

Finally feeling settled in Brighton & Hove I now find myself part of what we call a stitch & bitch group but is actually a group of six really close friends. I have to admit though that we have a slight problem. We don’t actually stitch that much. It may be that only two of us knit (although we did help Lucy H complete her first small quilt last year) and whilst we don’t bitch (that much) we spend a lot of time eating, chatting, laughing & drinking wine. Now that’s all fine you may think but it’s the drinking of wine that presents the problem for as a wise head once said “stitches made when taking wine will be ripped out the following morn”. (Ok so no-one wise said it I just found out the hard way).

So this year we’ve pledged to use our time to stitch more, in fact much much more and happily this fits in with my hopes for a more creatively varied life.  Our first get together happens this evening when we will each be setting out our stitching plans for the coming year. There’s been talk of hand knitting blankets and coats for beloved pets (Clare & Wendy) as well as more machine sewn projects for both Lucy H and Katie. Lucy W will no doubt have another stunning piece of colour work on the pins and I will be kicking off my knitting year with a cabled hat promised to Sam in a knitting IOU (hurriedly written on Christmas Eve) to match fingerless gloves I made for him the Christmas before last.  I’m looking forward to this evening when we’ll be dusting off machines, looking for inspiration and getting down to work…..just don’t offer me a glass of wine.

J x



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