Waltham Abbey Wool Show – the verdict


Having taken part in the Waltham Abbey Wool Show on Sunday I should really have blogged about it straight away but to be honest I was so tired when I got home I decided to take yesterday as a ‘duvet day’ and come back feeling refreshed today.

The verdict? The show was brilliantly organised by the Kate, Diane and the ladies of The Crochet Chain. It may have seemed a bit of a shlep from Brighton but as it was actually only 25 mins from my parents’ home it was easy for me to get there. It was held in one of the Marriot Hotel’s meeting rooms and there was a varied selection of stalls including the lovely and hugely talented Janie Crow who opened the show, the exquisite crochet delights of Namolio, the rainbow of hand dyed yarns at Sparkleduck and Yarn Garden and the cute creations of Helen at Woolly Chic. It was lovely to meet new faces and catch up with a few …well let’s just say not so new ones. Of course I’d love to be able to show you a selection of beautifully shot, artfully composed photos taken with my latest model iPhone but sadly the house brick of a mobile that I currently carry around (and which is going soon I promise) can only take what you see below. So note to self, take a camera next time or change phoned and get the shots before it’s too late. Must do better at Unravel…




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