Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

Back in December of last year I wrote a blog post ‘The Inspirational Mrs T’ inspired by an amazing piece of knitwear crafted by my lovely Mum (you can read the original post here). Well not only did that dress inspire me to write  but it also sparked design ideas for a collection of gloves and mittens which I’m starting to release today.

It’s called ‘Warm Hands, Warm Hearts’ which is a play on the old adage ‘cold hands, warm heart’ which suggests that those of us with cold hands often conceal a warm heart. Despite the fact that I have such ridiculously bad circulation that my fingers have been seen to turn blue in the height of Summer (note to self don’t pick up cold cans) I’d like to think that my heart is always warm and never concealed.


The first design from the collection is released today. Mrs T’s Mittens is dedicated to Mum (the aforesaid Mrs T) and as well as taking textural themes from the dress with cables, twisted stitches and bobbles, the shade of my Baby Alpaca DK that I’ve chosen to use is Kiwi which  brilliantly echoes the dress’ original colour, don’t you think?


The palm of the mitten is worked in purl twist stitch which provides a contrast to the linear patterning and a each thumb is worked in reverse stocking stitch with a cable at it’s centre.


The gloves which come in two sizes are knitted in rows on straight needles with a grafted top and a sewn side seam and pattern instructions are given in a combination of written and charted form.


You can buy the pattern as an individual PDF download from my Ravelry Pattern Store here, don’t worry if you’re not on Ravelry yet, it’s free to sign up and you’ll not regret it.  The individual pattern for Mrs T’s Mittens is £3.00 or alternatively the pattern will be available along with the other 5 designs in ebook form (price £8.00) from December 1st. Just in time for Christmas…..

3 thoughts on “Warm Hands, Warm Hearts

  1. Anne Martin

    Hi Jeanette

    Just wondered if the Collections One pattern book contain the “warm hands warm heart” patterns?

    Have been enjoying receiving your newsletters, didn’t realise you had moved so far South! I’ve moved myself this year from Paxton in the borders up to North Berwick.

    Wishing you & Sam every success.

    Best wishes

    Anne Martin

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Hi Anne

      It’s so lovely to hear from you I really hope you’re well?

      The Collection One pattern book only contains patterns that use the Knitglobal 4ply Sock yarn, the mitten and glove patterns for Warm Hands, Warm Hearts will form a collection that will be released as an ebook. I’m afraid I’m a bit behind putting it together but you can buy the first 4 designs as PDF down’oads from my Ravelry Pattern Store here

      I don’t think Sam and I could have moved much further south to be honest. I’m pleased to say that we finally feel settled and love living in Brighton. I hope you’re well and truly settled too.

      Wishing you the very best for 2014


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