New shades for Summer 2013

I have to admit that I put the central heating on last night and this morning…in MAY! Here I was foolishly looking forward to the days being longer and more importantly WARMER and yet on TV this morning there were reports of snow further up the country. Never mind. Toss that ever-British trait of complaining about the weather aside! Why? Because there are 4 new additions to my yarn range!!

When I first selected the colours for each of my yarns it was easy to see that they were based on what I like to wear. I’m lucky to have the kind of skin tone that can wear pretty much anything but not everyone has so, having reflected on the ranges and decided there were a couple of ‘holes’ I’m hoping the new shades will fill them beautifully.

In the Baby Alpaca DK range Bitter Choc, Chartreuse, Fuchsia, Menthe and Chestnut are now joined by



a refreshingly juicy and intense green called Kiwi…..



and classic like black but not as hard on the eyes to knit, here’s Charcoal.

In the Baby Alpaca/Silk 4ply range Icing, Lippy, Caramel, Olive and Spice are joined by



a gentle blue/grey which may betray my weather obsessed mind, here’s Mist.



And lastly a shade that reminds me of scorching holidays in the Barbados sun, here’s Calypso

The new shades have been added to the website so if you’re buying a knitting kit the choice is even wider (you’ll find them all here). There are now 7 shades in each of the above qualities and having had them nestled together on my desk for a while to inspire me you can expect some new patterns in the next couple of months. 

Until then happy knitting, I’m off to check the forecast for tomorrow

J x


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