Triple Twist Stockings


Just published in the November issue of Knitting Magazine are the Triple Twist Stockings. They’re knitted in my Baby Alpaca DK using the Magic Loop method beginning at the toe with a figure of 8 cast on. I found the Triple Twist Lace pattern in one of my Barbara J Walker books which never strays far away from my desk. Flicking through the pages of any one of the four ‘Treasury’ series never fails to give me inspiration as was the case with this design.

The Triple Twist panels add a sexy feature at each side of the leg with calf increases hidden to allow both the lace and stocking stitch to continue uninterrupted. The lace keeps going to the top of the design where the stocking stitch changes to rib and, because alpaca is a heavier fibre compared to wool, I’ve added in an end of fine knitting elastic  which helps to keep the stockings up when worn.

The pattern is only available when you buy the November issue of the magazine but you can buy the rest of the Triple Twist Stockings kit exclusively from the website from today. You’ll find more details in the new Knitting Kit section here

Hope you like it

J x

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