The Moonwalk has landed

Well after months of training the day of the Moonwalk has finally landed! Thankfully after weeks of raining the sun is out! I was beginning to think that I might have to swim my way round London and if you’ve ever seen my attempts at swimming you’ll know my technique looks a lot more like drowning than anything vaguely Rebecca Addlingtonesque. My bra has been bedecked with bling by a group of lovely 3rd year students from Kingston Uni who took time out from working on their final collections (only 1 week left) to create ‘Rio Barbie’ – their name not mine.

Having worked there as a technician for just a few months they’ve really nailed my love of intense colour and bling giving the blank Wonderbra canvas a totally new look with sequins, fringing, rhinestones and a pair of outrageous nipple tassels courtesy of Hannah the pattern cutter .

They’ve even rhinestoned my initials on one of the cups. Hopefully they won’t mind that I’ve added a wee beaded crochet trim on top of each cup ~ well I had to do something.

Huge thanks to Hen, crystal specialist Dominic, Jess, Caitlin and Rocky Road addict Claire. I’ll be tweeting my way through the walk but right now I’m off to carb up for the big event.  Enjoy the sun and if you want to donate to my fundraising page you can do so here 

J x


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