6 New Designs

I can’t believe that it’s been 2 months since I last posted anything on the blog. So much for the New Year’s resolution that I was going to make the effort to post every fortnight but somehow life always gets in the way. On the house front the smell of paint has finally gone and the ever-present masonry dust has been replaced with good old ‘day to day’ house dust ~  I never thought I’d be so glad to see it. The building work on the house has been exhausting and stressful but every morning when I wake up and look around me I feel that whilst I wouldn’t do it again, it was worth it.(There’ll be lots of ‘before and after’ pictures of the house in an upcoming blog post).

Aside from re-building a house I’ve taken part in 2 shows and finally published 6 new designs to support my range of yarns. I’ll talk about in more depth about each design in future individual posts but for now I’d like to introduce you to;




Sealy Hill


and finally Quinton

All are available as PDF downloads from my Ravelry page here or through the website here where you can also drool over the yarns.

I hope you like them


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