What happened there then?

I can’t believe that the past few weeks have gone so quickly. One minute I was about to post about the great time I had at Knit Nation, and the next thing I know it’s been 3 weeks since it finished! I had a brilliant time over the weekend, thanks to Cookie, Alice and everyone else who not only made it possible but so very, very enjoyable. I don’t tend to do shows and so was very nervous about taking part in an event with such a big reputation. BUT it was truly wonderful to meet so many lovely knitters and make new friends or catch up with old ones amongst the other exhibitors. I was joined on the Saturday by my lovely friend, the very talented Georgie Troon who helped me out on Saturday.  I should at this point say particular thank you’s to John and his lovely partner Roy from www.easyknitter.co.uk and Andi from Renaissance Dyer ( thanks for the stories by the way ) who kept an eye on me and made sure that I could sneak out for tea & coffee breaks when necessary.

Since KN I’ve been finishing off another bag design for Knitting magazine and giving the website an overhaul. I’ve steered clear of shopping cart websites up until now but I’ve found the current website doesn’t make it simple or clear enough to order from overseas with regards to adding shipping costs. In addition to this there are now paper versions of some patterns available and I’ll be adding these to the new web shop which will hopefully not only process the orders but also fulfil delivery of the pdf patterns. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the technology works). All this should be up and running before the end of the week as there are 2 exciting and very soft additions to ‘Jeanette Sloan’ that after months of anticipation will finally arrive tomorrow by courier ( I’m crossing everything I have here ).

In the meantime the September issue of ‘Knitting’ is on sale and as promised in Ask Jeanette I’ve uploaded a video of the long tail cast on method here

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