The highest form of flattery

I signed up to Pinterest quite a while ago and never really did anything until a few weeks ago when I thought ‘I’ll have a go at a wee bit of pinning and create a board’. Feeling in a colourful mood I put together a board that would inspire me  in terms of colour and texture, things that would lift my heart and make me smile. One of the images I pinned is one of the most truly beautiful objects I’ve ever seen. You’ll probably know that I have a bit of a thing for beads anyway,but what could possibly be better than a bead in a great colour? A beaded bead in 2 colours!

Brick Stitch Geometric Beaded Beads

I have absolute no idea how you would even start to make something so perfectly stunning but coming across it made my day so I added it to my board. As it turns out I wasn’t the only person to be inspired by it as I got a lovely tweet from Helen who runs Ripples Crafts telling me that my Pinterest board, and in particular this image, had inspired her to create a new colourway for her Silk /Merino 4ply yarn. The result is…..

Ripplescrafts Silk/Merino 4ply sh name - Jeanette!

Thank you Helen for paying me such a HUGE compliment and naming the shade after me. The yarn is available from and should you want to create your own beaded bead ( and who wouldn’t?) you can buy the instructions as a download from


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