Gladstone bag – alternative handles

Since it was first published in The Knitter issue 10 the Gladstone bag has become one of my iconic designs and a lot of that is due to the fantastic handles used which beautifully sets off all the colour, beading and texture. The Lucite handles, originally bought from Bloomsbury trading when I used to run HKhandknit, were one of the many things I stashed when I closed the shop thinking “these are SO gorgeous I’ll stash them until I dream up a design in which to use them “. Well Gladstone was THE dream design for this particular pair of handles but sadly they’re no longer available from either Bloomsbury / Pavi Yarns or Trendsetter Yarns themselves. ( Just as well then that I stashed another 2 pairs in different colours!).

Anyway, after a great deal of online research I’ve come up with an alternative handle which could be used. They don’t have quite the same look as the Lucite handles which were actually quite expensive but they’re easily available and very reasonably priced plus, having checked this morning I am reliably informed by that the fabric top of the bag WILL fit into the opening in the handle once the fabric has been felted. You can see their range of wide bag handles  here


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