DIY charting

In my Ask Jeanette pages in June’s issue of Knitting magazine I was asked by a reader for help in finding a company or a clever piece of software that could help her to translate  a picture into a chart that she could use for intarsia knitting. As knitters, some of us love working with graphs whilst for others the mere  sight of graph paper brings them out in hives. I love working with graphs and my personal design process nearly always begins with ideas drawn in pencil on hard copy graph paper. A bit old school I know but it works for me. Once I’ve swatched the design a few times and I’m happy with it, I then translate it into the brilliant Intwined to create the digital graphs and the written instructions.

If you’re looking to create your own charts for knitting and you’d like a little help there are several options available on the net and I’ve put links to some of them on the Ask Jeanette page of the blog here. Some are free to use, some you’ll have to pay for  and they vary in terms of how simple they are to use. As I haven’t worked with any of them I’m not recommending one more than the other but I think exploring them further and then reporting back would make an interesting blog post in the future. Let me know if you think that would be helpful.

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