It has been a while since I posted here although I have been drip feeding through twitter. This week I’ve been working long days to try and get the new sock yarn book finished so there’s been lots of ends to sew in, designs to block & press, patterns to check and tomorrow, finally, projects to photograph. ( Ok so in truth, Sam will be photographing them ) Next week the whole lot will finally come together in preparation for the printers. Hurray!
I’ll post a couple of preview pictures early next week, talking of previews..

Take a cheeky look at what’s coming up in the March issue of Knitting magazine including my pretty boudoir pyjama case here

Have a great weekend



2 thoughts on “oops!!!

  1. Hi
    I was looking for the link to the Louisa Harding Frost hat pattern (mentioned in issue 87 of knitting) but can’t seem to find it!

    1. Hi Jo

      Although I’d scheduled the new tab to be published when the magazine went on sale, it didn’t! I’ve manually published the new ‘Ask Jeanette’ tab so if you click on that you’ll find the link as promised. Sorry about that


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