The knitted ad makes The Drum’s news page

The latest edition of The Drum ( the news bible for the media and marketing industries ) includes a piece on the knitted TV ad which you can see here


2 thoughts on “The knitted ad makes The Drum’s news page

  1. The advertisement is awesome! Great job with the knitting.
    Did you have to keep giving them the projects in stages so they could film the project as it became larger, or did they do some special effect work to make the “construction” happen while the viewer watches?

    What fun it was to see this.

    1. I wish I could say that I gave them loads of different hats that were individually unravelled to varying stages. The truth is that although they wanted 3 hats and 3 phones just in case the first attempt didn’t work, the timescale I was working to ( a week ) meant there wasn’t enough time. The large hat took me 3 days to knit so there was only one of them although I did manage to produce a backup phone should things have gone wrong there. On the day we had one shot at getting the whole thing right and thank the Lord it worked first time!

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