Foul weather but a new design!

It’s HORRIBLE today! I don’t have a problem with Monday’s like a lot of people but today the weather is foul, so foul in fact that I’m about to decamp to the front room and work in front of the stove – solid fuel, not cooker, mmm. Hopefully this new design will help keep the chills at bay.

Tait2 is a cowl, knitted in my Chunky Baby Alpaca and SO warm you’ll soon forget the weather. 


It’s knitted in the round on an 80 cm long circular needle with  a cable and rib pattern travelling across it’s width. The pattern is only 6 rounds long so there isn’t a lot of pattern to remember meaning you can concentrate instead on enjoying the softness of this luxurious yarn. PLUS it’s very quick to knit so there’s still plenty of time to get a few knitted as Christmas presents.








You can buy the pattern from my Ravelry Pattern Store here or keep an eye on the website here for how to buy both pattern and yarn at a very special price


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