On the pins this week . .

Well first of all I have to admit to tweeting  more than blogging recently which is a little lazy of me but I seem to have been up to my elbows in fruit and it was easier that way. Don’t ask about the fruit, not only do we have a neighbour who never picks his own fruit and says we’re welcome to it but I’ve definitely been watching too many food programmes and there’s now a shelf in the larder devoted to ‘Mrs Sloan’s Homemade’ produce which currently includes; apple sauce ( 2 jars ),apple & mint jelly ( 5 jars ), preserved lemons ( 1 very large jar ) and Mr Sloan’s pickled chillies ( 1 jar is MORE than enough of those ). I’ve got a kilo of onions ‘brining’ at the moment and there are pears to pickle tonight courtesy of Delia’s recipe here. Oh yes, I also made a steak  kidney pie yesterday.

Anyway, on the pins this week is a rather pretty and yes I’ll admit, blingy pair of beaded lace socks for the new collection having finished the cabled ones AT LAST on Thursday. I’ve also got a lace wrap to block and press which I’ll hopefully photograph and post some taster pictures before the end of the week.

I’m off to pickle me pears



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