Expressions 2010

2 weeks ago my older sister San spent a walking weekend in the Brecon Beacons with a group of friends, nothing unusual there I’ll admit. The thing that left me gobsmacked was that they spent the evenings knitting, chatting and drinking – ok so I’ve been doing that for years – but my sister hasn’t, in fact she’d be the first to say that she was at the back of the queue when Mum was passing on the crafting gene, but the amazing thing is that she really enjoyed it. I’ve been telling her for ever that she needed to get knitting as it would help her to de-stress etc etc but I suppose she just needed to come to the light in her own time. So I’d like to say a huge thank you to Jacqui Harrison who was responsible for dragging her up the hillside and then shoving needles and yarn into her hands and getting her going.

Jacqui is part of a Knitiffi a collective of knitters which started at Aspects and Milestones Trust, a charity whose work covers a wide spectrum as they provide services for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities and dementia. Based in the down in the South West of England they launched the collective by yarnbombing their head offices in Bristol earlier this year and this week they’re staging Expressions 2010 at Paintworks in Bristol.

The exhibition starts today with a Private View and charity auction and runs throughout the week until Saturday with a number of events, activites and workshops including a fashion show, graffiti art workshop ( Brizzle is the home of Banksy ) and an interactive project where visitors can contribute to a giant piece of French Knitting which will snake it’s way up a light structure throughout the exhibition until it’s finally illuminated and transformed into a chandelier at the end of the week exhibition party. They also plan to cover an Airstream caravan with knitting and top it off with a huge pom pom.

The exhibition opens to the public tomorrow Tuesday 5th october and runs until Saturday, there’s more info on Aspects and Milestones here and info on Paintworks here.

Good luck Jacqui!


2 thoughts on “Expressions 2010

  1. I am said Sister, suitably chastised! Perhaps it was the combination of wine, singing along to disco hits with a great bunch of girls and the thought of ‘graffitti knitting’ that did it! In any case, tis true, I am a knit virgin no longer – hurrah! Has since been suggested that I knit socks… an admirable skill no doubt, but I’m sticking to straight rows for now! The thought of turning corners, heels and patterns is making me twitch…and not in a good or attractive way!

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