Floral Sleeveless Top, Knitting issue 79

This is the original sketch for the top

This pretty little stocking stitch number is knitted in Garnstudio Drops Cotton Viscose. There are vertical stripes of lace  across the upper bust and back with a deep slit opening at the back fastened with a single button. I’ve used  Gedifra Amara for the embroidery because the colours look stunning against the lustrous black of the viscose and it’s a very easy design to wear whether you dress it up with a floaty skirt and a pair of girly heels or dress it down with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet pumps.

The embroidery is placed assymetrically placed on the garment travelling over the left shoulder to the back.

In terms of difficulty it’s a simply shaped garment with lace holes echoing the shaping of the armholes and the opening at the back. I know that embroidery on a knitted item can sometimes be offputting if you don’t feel that your embroidery skills are up to scratch and though I use embroidery in a lot of my designs I’m self taught  so the stitches I use are well within everyone’s capabilities. Just to show how ‘do able’ the stitches are I’ve done little how to video clips for the 4 main techniques I’ve used in a new section of the blog called ‘How To’s’ here


3 thoughts on “Floral Sleeveless Top, Knitting issue 79

  1. PS- Jeanette I had no idea you designed for Knitter and other publications until I dived further into your blog! I just picked up the issue of Knitter with your shrug!

    I really feel in love with this piece and that is actually what resulted in my purchase of the magazine. Its my favorite!

    1. Hi Lulu

      Yep! I design for both Knitting and The Knitter as well as hosting the Ask Jeanette letters page in Knitting magazine so you could say I’m always up to something. I’m chuffed you like the shrug, it’s one of my favourites and knew it would be even as I was working on it – I love it when that happens. The Chinoiserie top is another of my designs that’s ‘really me’ I just hope I can squeeze into the model sized sample when I get it back!

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