Once bitten . .

Now I’m the ripe old age of 42 there are a number of things that having tried once, I will never do again.

What sort of thing do I mean? Eating pickled eggs, drinking raki, eating oysters, watching Torchwood, trying to work a cable on a 12 gauge Dubied, that sort of thing.

Having just returned from what was otherwise a FANTASTIC week in Provence the next thing to add to my ‘NEVER do again’ list is to travel Rynair. I know, what was I expecting given the low fares and the fact that you have to pay for everything as an ‘extra’ ( wasn’t Michael O’Leary talking about charging passengers to use the toilet at one stage?) I shouldn’t have expected high class service from an airline run by a man who’s obviously seen a lorry load of sorry looking sheep being carted off to slaughter and thought ‘what a great business model’. You would hope though that having checked in online as instructed you could turn to up at the airport and NOT have to stand in an ever-lengthening queue of fellow travellers for an hour and a half just to drop off a bag. Wasn’t the online check in meant to make things faster? Oh yes I suppose in normal circumstances it would but when there’s just one huge line of passengers for 6 flights all scheduled to take off at the same time, things predictably begin to fall apart.

Sam and I had planned to start the holiday with coffee and croissants in Departures before swanning off with friends to a beautiful farmhouse in St Didier. We actually started the holiday running like the possessed through the terminal up to Departures stripping off anything vaguely metallic as we went to make it quicker to get through security – thanks by the way to the member of staff who cut us to the front and the lovely lady passenger who could see the sweat dripping off us and let us in the queue in before her. And why is it that in these circumstances your flight ALWAYS leaves from the departure gate that is furthest away? Having shoved the metal items in my bag whilst running because I didn’t think there was time to stop to put them back on I then had to stop to remove my shoes and run, run, RUN to the gate, only just making it in time. Not a very dignified start to the hols but what a week, lots of sun, swimming and great French food and wine. Plus I got a lovely email from a friend ( thanks Helen ) telling me that my latest design for ‘Knitting’ magazine had made the cover! . . . Au revoir

One thought on “Once bitten . .

  1. I know what you are saying and we decided last year that we shall never set foot on Ryanair again and rather pay more. Why is it though that the likes of Easy Jet and Airberlin seem to be as cheap but offer much better service?? Anyhow, at least we don’t need to find out what it must feel like to be so hated…Michael O’Leary has got first position in the spot!!

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