Down in the smoke part 2

I’d forgotten what it was like to commute in London. I did it a lot in my younger days, either travelling in on the train and tube or at its worst getting up at 5.30am leaving my house at 6.30am and then driving to High Wycombe for 9.00am and THEN starting work. When you’re in the midst of it it’s just a necessary eveil but it’s not until you come out of it – in my case moving to Scotland – that you think ‘did I reallydo that everyday?!’

Anyway I had a little trip down commuting memory lane on Friday as Sam had a job in Westminster and it was my job to get him and all the equipment there safely and on time. The down side however was sitting and waiting around all day for the job to finish and then get him home again. Bored doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt, yes I know I could have taken work, in fact I did, but you know when you’d just rather be somewhere else? Anywhere else?

I did however manage to escape for a couple of hours and wandered off to Oxford Street. A quick visit to John Lewis, not what it used to be. Why is yarn & haberdashery on the 4th floor next to toys? I nearly lost the will to live by the time I got up there, then it was off to Liberty always worth the effort with it’s weird layout it reminded me of Jenners and the instore displays are beautifully stylish with a wonderful sense of fun.

The highlight of my  wee dander though was a visit to MacCulloch and Wallis on Dering Street. If you haven’t been you must. It hasn’t changed a bit in all the time I’ve known it. Spread over 3 floors it has everything a nimble fingered crafter could need and it makes a fab change from the more slick and polished haberdashery departments. I could have spent a lot of money but I had to keep in mind the de cluttering we’re supposed to be doing at the moment so all I came away with was some velvet ribbon to finish off a design I’ve just done for The Knitter

but lots and lots of ideas for future designs.


2 thoughts on “Down in the smoke part 2

    1. Hi Matilda! I’m actually doing another three designs for The Knitter. Not quite sure which issues they’ll be published in but I’ll let you know when, keep checking back

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