Ask Jeanette, Knitting issue 77

Last year I was asked to become the new host of the letters page in ‘Knitting’ magazine, taking over from Jean Moss, the previous host and as well as being flatterd, frankly I dreaded having to fill such large shoes. I’ve been doing it for a while now and hopefully have helped to solve the knitting dilemmas of the magazine’s readers half as well as Jean. In this month’s issue I was asked about methods for knitting i-cords and though there are a few knitting mills on the market you may prefer to do it ‘old school’ with a pair of dpns, here’s how . . .(you’ll have to excuse the quality of the video, I’m no Ridley Scott)

2 thoughts on “Ask Jeanette, Knitting issue 77

    1. jeanettesloan

      If you mean knitting the i-cord, you’ll be fine. It can seem a bit awkward to begin with but just make sure you pull the yarn nice and tightly once you’ve moved the stitches to the other end of the needle and you should be fine

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