After Make Do And Knit

I can’t believe it’s nearly a week since we set off down south to take part in Make Do And Knit though I can still feel the discomfort of being stuck 10 miles from the Bluecoat School on the M62 for 2 and a half hours with my legs crossed trying not to think about running water.

Anyway, having set up on the Friday night we had a really great weekend with the other vendors taking part and the lovely people of Liverpool. This was the first ( hopefully of many MD&K) organised by Susan Crawford, queen of all knits vintage, who also staged a fashion show featuring designs from her book ‘A Stitch In Time’ on both afternoons ( though I managed to miss it on both days)  and the Knitted Poem was laid out in the Chapel; if you ever get a chance to see it in the flesh then take, photos don’t do it justice because is HUGE!

I don’t usually get seduced into making yarn purchases especially when I’m being watched like a hawk by a man who doesn’t ‘get the wool thing’ but I managed to buy 2 absolutely stunning hanks from Babylonglegs, a  3 ply handspun

and a hank of Meriboo, not usually my colours ie it’s not pink, but I thought I’d venture out of my comfort zone a little

Thanks to Susan, Gavin, Helen, Dorothy, Roy and everyone who made Make Do And Knit possible and so enjoyable.

Shall we all do it again next year? . . . .


2 thoughts on “After Make Do And Knit

    1. It was great to meet you too – for both of us. LOVE your yarns!!!! Beautiful colours, send all the pinks my way.
      Love J and S xx x

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