New Pattern Store on Ravelry

I’m normally a bit dippy at the best of times but this week I’ve got an excuse as I’m still in pain having had a wisdom tooth out on Monday. The actual extraction wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be but then I’ve had some pretty grim experiences – including a bone marrow test – that have set a useful benchmark for how much pain I can tolerate. Anyway, being dosed up on painkillers meant it took a little longer than it probably should have to set up my new Ravelry Pattern Store here.

I’ve done quite a few designs for magazines over the years and to be honest I felt I could be doing more with them as although some mags offer back issues, for readers it’s not always worth the money for 1 pattern once you’ve coughed up for both magazine and postage. (As was pointed out by a knitter in the USA who liked one of my recent designs for The Knitter but couldn’t find the mag over there). At the moment I’m offering designs that have previously been published to download, but I’ll be adding new designs too.

Designs just added are the Mullins Bay scarf above ( previously published in Yarn Forward) and

Heel Heaven, a sock design published in Simply Knitting ( both are £3.00 to download ). If you fancy a freebie stash busting pattern there’s the Hanger & Lavender Bag Set below

Have a good weekend

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