Maggiore shawl, The Knitter Issue 15

The Maggiore shawl is my latest design for The Knitter.

The undulating areas of sheer are created by working variable drop stitch contrasted against bands of slip stitch / garter stitch in combination with 3 different yarns from the same intensely rich purple colour palette. It may appear very easy but sometimes quite nice to show a bit of design restraint and let a simple concept and the yarn do the talking.

4 thoughts on “Maggiore shawl, The Knitter Issue 15

  1. joy heptinstall

    I loved your design maggiore but I have had no success in locating twilleys 4ply gorgeous shade crocus 409, I have tried every web site. As I don’t really have a local wool shop it is sometimes difficult to judge shades from photos to make a change and also the set colours just go perfectly with most of my clothes which is what attracted me to the design. Is the shade discontinued they do it in DK or could you suggest an alternative shade which will work with the 2 other yarns. Hope you will be able to help, thanks Joy

    1. jeanettesloan

      Hi Joy

      Sorry for the delayed reply but I’ve been down south for a week. I’m really glad you like this design, unfortunately there seems to have been quite a few people finding it difficult to get the Gorgeous in sh 409 Crocus although we ( actually the lovely people at The Knitter) double checked with Twilleys that all the yarns and shades would be available before doing the design. If you can’t get your hands on the Gorgeous 4ply in Crocus you could try either the DK or Sirdar Sublime DK in Damson but just be aware that this will add to to the weight of the wrap and of course you’ll need more than the pattern states. From what I can gather having seen it online I don’t think it’s quite as intense in colour as the Crocus but judging by the fibre content it should give you the same sort of drape.

      Another possible option is Lang Yarns’ MERINO 150 which is a pure wool 4ply in sh 0080 deep purple.Have a look at the website here where you should also find details of stockists.
      Really hope this helps

    1. jeanettesloan

      Hi Joy

      At last the Maggiore Mystery is solved, it seems there was an error in the pattern instructions – and for once I don;t think it was me – and it should have stated that the Gorgeous sh 409 is DK after all. My mind moves on so quickly to the next thing once I’ve finished a design that it didn’t ring any bells even after you asking, so sorry for that. Another ‘senior moment’ I’m afraid. Take care and let me know how it turns out. J x

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