Guess what? It’s cold

Happy New Year! I don’t know why we seem so surprised considering how much snow there is on the ground but it’s freezing and every morning I look out the window to be met with the sight of more snow in the garden. Edinburgh has never looked so beautiful but I AM BALTIC!! The only thing for it is to knit, knit ,and knit some more.

As Jessie from the Fast Show would say ‘Today I am mostly working on’ . . . finishing the pattern for a shrug  and swatching for what should hopefully be a very pretty childs cardi, both for upcoming issues of The Knitter, sketching some design ideas for another magazine and catching up on emails oh yes and throwing another smokeless fuel bricquette on the fire. Carry on!

2 thoughts on “Guess what? It’s cold

  1. A very happy new year to you and I hope it will be a good one for you. We have masses of snow here in North Wales too and schools are closed to the delight of my daughter.
    I love it coming from cold country myself and view the fact that I can’t get out as perfect time for lots of knitting.

  2. Karen Andre

    Happy New Year Jeanette, loving the new look of the website and feeling very inspired by all the lovely new pics. fabulous is the only word to describe the gladstone bag. I need a project to get my teeth into but nothing too challenging – what do you recommend?

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