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Brighton, sheep AND twitter?!

I have to admit that although I’ve lived in the Patcham area of Brighton for 2 years now and whilst I’ve made good friends, great apple chutney and questionable homemade cider I’ve never made time to read the local free magazine ‘The Post’. It comes through the letterbox monthly and I generally look at it for as long as it takes to put it straight in the recycling box (I know, sorry!).

I was about to do just that last night when, whilst flicking through the pages, I came across a piece by Caroline Donovan entitled ‘Watching Our Flocks’. Caroline is one of a team of volunteer ‘lookerers’ who help out with the sheep brought in to conservation graze the downland managed by Brighton and Hove City Council. I know that Brighton and Hove has a reputation for being ridiculously ‘hippy’ but the practice isn’t a new one. The sheep (in this case Herdwick) are brought down from hill farms up north to graze the council managed downland and it’s their grazing and general to-ing & fro-ing (not to mention the obvious brown coloured organic benefits  - I mean poo of course ) which prevents the land reverting to scrub with a loss of the various dependant wildflowers and insects. The sheep will be grazing various sites around the city until late Spring and I’ll hopefully catch a glimpse of them when we get up onto The Downs for a walk. In the meantime I’ve decided to follow their adventures on Twitter ( @BHSheep), yes they have their own account.

Conservation grazing sheep on Twitter, how very Brighton.

Purl about town

Me and Debbie, the lovely owner of Purl Brighton

Although we made the move from Edinburgh to Brighton last November with the upheaval of major building work and a new job to settle into, there wasn’t much opportunity to explore Brighton’s many delights. I have put  this right in the last couple of weeks, firstly by eating my way around the Foodies Festival and then yesterday visiting the lovely Debbie at her gorgeous yarn shop Purl (Brighton).  I’d heard a lot of good things about the shop from my good friend Georgie Troon who works there on Saturdays and it reminded me a lot of when I ran HKhandknit in Edinburgh. There’s a lovely welcome when you walk through the door and you can browse through the yarns and large selection of books in a beautifully relaxed atmosphere. In fact the welcome was SO warm that I lost about 2 hours of yesterday afternoon in the shop and plan to be back there very soon…keep your eyes peeled for updates. In the meantime if you’re in the Seven Dials area of Brighton pop in and see Debbie and treat yourself. The sale starts this Saturday so there’s no excuse no to….

J x